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Diy Aluminium Towers

Safe, Stable And Versatile Towers For All Your DIY Needs

Our LATEST DIY scaffold tower with aluminium scaffolding has all the specifications you would need for a DIY project. The “twist and lock” braces and the quick release clamps make it easy to erect and disassemble the tower easily, and in a short amount of time, leaving more time for you to complete your project safely. They come in four different sizes, and you can choose whichever height suits your access needs.

Free Delivery

The delivery is speedy and FREE! Unlike others, we don’t have any hidden delivery charges or delays in the delivery. All our DIY scaffold towers are constructed in the EU, so you can rest easy knowing that you have the safest tower at your service.

Features That Are Only Available With Towers!

The simple "Twist & Lock" braces are what makes our DIY scaffold towers stand out from the others. Moreover, the quick release clamps allow quick assembly and dismantling.

The horizontal and the diagonal braces are fitted to the outside of the tower, which provides more standing room on the platform. Other cheap alternatives in the market have these braces fitted to the inside, which means that you would have less room to work with, and more chances of an accidental fall.

Flexible Use

The aluminium scaffolding ensures that the structure is strong, yet lightweight, so that it can be used for multiple DIY projects easily.

You can also pack away your tower in a car or van due to its easy structure, and carry it wherever you need to finish a DIY project.

“Tilt And Glide “Wheels

The “Tilt and Glide” wheels are included so that you can move around easily. As the name suggests, you only need to tilt the tower at one end, so that the wheels come in connect to the ground, and you can wheel away to your next position.  

Stable And Secure

Our DIY scaffold towers have stabiliser bars that are absolutely FREE, which provide you with the greatest stability when you are working at heights. Whether you are working on a steep incline, stairs, over the steps, you can make the necessary adjustments you need.

Talking about adjustments, you can set the platform in increments of 300mm /12". The platform itself is made up of marine plywood with non slip profile for maximum grip. The frames have a “ribbed” structure so that you can have sure footing when you climb up and down the rungs.

The 6m and 7m towers ideal for decorating the outside of most two storey homes, as they have four large telescopic outriggers, an additional trapdoor platform, , and further braces and handrails.

Isn’t it much safer than the rickety ladder?

All our access towers are ISO 9001 certified, so you can be sure that the money you have invested in the DIY scaffold tower is worth it, and will last for a long while.

The best you can get with a lifetime guarantee!