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Industrial Towers


Tested and CE Certified Access Towers

We provide industrial scaffold towers that are certified to the most recent CE standards, in order to ensure 100% reliability and safety for all your industrial access needs.

You Get Value for Your Money

You can rest easy that the money you spend on our scaffold towers will get you the most value, as our towers adhere to the most recent approved requirements of the methods of 3T erection and dismantling as standardized by both PASMA and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

If this was not enough, we also offer a FREE delivery with the most competitive price in the country.

Easy, Trackable, and Safe Delivery

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not delay the delivery for 2 or more days; instead, we send your purchase over in just twenty minutes from the M4 with full tracking service. Also, the outriggers in all of our towers come with rubber feet and our locking clips are unique so that they can provide you maximum safety and do not go lost when you need them!  

The Best in The Industry

Our industrial scaffold towers have lockable castors that are certified and are independently tested to 700kg, which is the best in the industry, and that, too, by a long shot!

All our platforms/decks come with a weight duty rating as high as 275kg (43.3 stone). They are also fully BOSS compatible, with robust welded frames.

Easier and Safer Alternatives

Why do you need our unique folding aluminium toe boards? Because you get a lighter and safer version of toe boards than the cheap ones that doesn’t let you work on rough surfaces.

All of our decks and platforms have an automatic, self closing trapdoor with a cast industrial lock, damage resistant claws, and non slip rot proof decking in order to provide higher safety and to increase the life of your industrial scaffold tower. These details are not included in the cheaper towers that are available in the market, which means that you will not get the required safety from them that you need.

Maximum Flexibility

In order to help you work at maximum flexibility, our platform can be set at increments of 0.5m (1'8"). Along with a solid foundation for safety, you get an easier handling with our scaffold towers as they are made of aluminium and are easy to assembly or dismantle.  

The towers from Jee scaffold towers  are provided with colour-coded hooks for easier operation and industrial cast aluminium fixing, so that you can work at height with a solid foot print.

We Provide All Your Access Needs

All of our ladder frames have the toughest 2mm thick deeply ribbed rungs to provide you the highest safety and strength for climbing.

Our industrial scaffold towers can be used both outdoors and indoors as per the usage, by tradesmen, construction workers, or a DIYer.

To help you with all the details, we provide a handy, comprehensive manual that includes all the instructions and details that you may need.

We Provide You with A Full Range of Accessories and Spares

If you require tower accessories or spares, you can easily get it from us as we keep a full range of spares and tower accessories in stock for our customers.

The best you can get with a lifetime guarantee!